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GE, FX/I Single Slice CT Scanner
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Used CT Scanner Equipment
GloboScan is a refurbisher and re-assembler of used CT Scanner systems.
All systems can be custom refurbished to meet all of your specific financial budgets and technical requirements.


GE Lightspeed 4 CT Scanner
4-Slice Detector Row, Whole Body Helical CT, 360 degree Rotation Scans.
System Components: RF Slip Ring H2 Gantry, Performix 6.5Mhu X-Ray Tube, HV Generator. Operators Console: Octane Computer, SmartTools software, Two-20” Monitors, Scan Control Keyboard.

Key Features: Multiple Scan Series, Multi-Reconstruction, Multi-Films, Smart-Slice Image Decomposition, Image Archive, Image Networking.
Multiple Scan Series: Axials, Helicals, AutoVoice, AutoArchive, AutoFilm, HIS/RIS Link for Patient scheduling/Demographics/Protocol Info.

  Philips, Brillance 64 slice CT Scanner
The Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner is one of the most advanced, powerful and versatile systems on the market today. With 64-channel configuration, this system is capable of handling cardiac, trauma, pulmonary and pediatric imaging applications to name just a few. MRC x-ray tube helps eliminate waiting time between sequences.

• MRC X-ray tube
• DoseWise design
• 40mm coverage
• 3-D cone beam reconstruction
• Spiral Groove Bearing
• NanoPanel tile detectors

16-slice CT Scanner, Spiral CT Scanner, Whole Body Scanning, High performance UFC™ (Ultra-fast Ceramic) CT detectors, Axial field of view of 162 mm, 3D Acquisition, LSO Based PET Scanner, 3-D MIP, 3D VOI, 2D ROI, Crystal Technology, Powerful syngo® Platform, DICOM, LungCare, InSpace, HeartView CT, Calcium Scoring, Vessel View, Colonography, CARE Dose, 0.42 Seconds Rotation Time, LSO detector crystals (4 x 4 mm), Pico-3D electronics, True Isotropic PET and CT Image Resolution,