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Nuclear Medicine Camera Systems
GloboScan is a refurbisher and re-assembler of mobile nuclear medicine camera
All systems can be custom refurbished to meet all of your specific financial budgets and technical requirements.


The Siemens LEM+ mobile nuclear medicine camera is a totally portable diagnostic instrument for rapidly visualizing the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals in vivo. The NuQuest® software, which is conveniently installed on a laptop mounted to the camera, collects images of the radiopharmaceutical distribution. The flexible NuQuest® software allows for acquisition and processing of all possible study types. Furthermore, your data can be exported to your PACS, laser imager or other DICOM compliant device for physician review and long-term storage.

The Toshiba Single-Head nuclear camera has the smallest footprint of the four configurations. Best for general purpose imaging, the Single-Head nuclear camera features an open gantry and the BICORE™ rapid insert collimator system.

Refurbished GE Infinia Gamma Camera
The GE Infinia is a dual head, multi geometry (variable angle) nuclear medicine camera with LFOV detectors. The Infinia was designed for general purpose studies and is capable of whole body, planar and SPECT imaging.