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We provide medical imaging equipment sales and maintenance to clients throughout Florida and Georgia.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Regular planned maintenance inspections can help avoid inconvenient, costly emergency service situations. Our medical imaging technology preventive maintenance services ensure our clients are able to perform their services with minimal downtime and minimum interruption of services. Preventative maintenance of medical imaging systems solves problems before they become problems. Let us take care of your medical imaging technology so you can take care of your patients!

If you would like to learn more about our maintenance services, please Contact us today.

IMAGING SYSTEM/PARTS SALES: We act as purchasing agents for both new and used medical imaging systems and we maintain a inventory of complete systems and parts.

INSTALLATION & REMOVAL: Our experienced engineers/support staff are available to install your new imaging system anywhere in Florida or Georgia. If you are interested in having an existing medical imaging system uninstalled and/or need to place a system in a professional storage facility, please contact us today.

Our clients include medical facilities offering medical and diagnostic imaging services including:
* General Diagnostic X-rays (Rad Rooms, C-Arms, etc.)
* Portable X-Rays
* Computed Radiography (Konica CR, Fuji CR, Agfa CR, Kodak CR)
* Digital Radiography
* CT Scans
* Nuclear Camera
* Mammography with computer aided detection
* PACS-filmless viewing
If your organization is in Florida and offers any of the above services, we'd be glad to talk to you about our preventive maintenance services.

NETWORK SUPPORT: MMI also offers a full range of new and pre-owned computer equipment for your business, as well as a full suite of network support services. We offer full PC and network support, and can help you get up to
speed on HIPAA compliance.